Sisu essence

This is Sisu essence, one of the two compilations encompassed within Sisuverse, the universe of brand Sisu. The other being Sisu flair. Sisu essence comprises of Artistic soft furnishings, Décor, Aromatics and Plants aimed to enrich mundane lives, inspire the soul and to make living joyful. Happy exploring !

Artistic Home Décor

Collections to help you create your own unique space

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Revive Your Senses

Collections to help you revive your senses and spaces

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Tools for Creativity

Collection to help you refocus and flourish your creativity

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  • Fur free

    We are comitted to a no-fur policy, our earnest efort to promote ethical consumerism.

  • Carbon neutral

    We take actions to offset our carbon emissions, our bit to combat climate change and to sustain local community projects. Find out how

  • Sisu Symphony

    Sisu Symphony is our approach to generate positive impact for the workers in the fashion industry and our home, planet Earth. View projects