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Luxury Bath Blend - Sleepy Soak - Lavender & Neroli SE2022A554

Luxury Bath Blend - Sleepy Soak - Lavender & Neroli SE2022A554

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This therapeutic blend is a wonderful relaxing addition to your bath or foot spa. The Himalayan pink mineral salts, considered the purest in the world, rich in potassium, iron and calcium are infused with organic coconut & almond oils, along with organic kaolin clay, leaving your skin soft, nourished and toned. 

Organic citric acid, high in Vitamin C boosts your immune system, breaks down lipid storage and detoxes your body.

The therapeutic floral, fruity lavender and neroli essential oils combine with uplifting organic coconut oils to reduce pain, inflammation, minimizing age spots and reduce scarring. 

We use the finest natural/organic/toxin free ingredients and every blend is personally handmade in small batches. 

We can provide without our labels if required.

Relax, Replenish, Revitalise and Enjoy!

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