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Handmade Concrete Round Soap Dish SE2022A542

Handmade Concrete Round Soap Dish SE2022A542

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This modern concrete soap dish is minimalist, elegant and industrial. If you like simple things, if you think less is more, this is the style of decoration you are looking for. These concrete soap dishes are perfect housewarming gifts or you can just keep it for yourself, because you will love it! •


Soap dishes are splash resistant but to clean would advise lightly wiping with a damp cloth. •

Each soap dish has four rubber pads on the bottom to protect the counter from scratching. All items are handmade and created one at a time, as such slight variations will occur, contributing to the uniqueness of each item. There are some minor imperfections, like bubbles that bring out the natural look of concrete.

They are sealed and have small pads on the bottom. 

Product Dimensions 10x10x2 cm
Made in United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

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